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Joanna Going s name might not immediately sound a bell, however if you’re no unfamiliar person to channel-surfing or binge-watching, you can’t have missed the beautiful actress who has actually hopscotched from one popular TV series to another (like CSI, Criminal Minds and Mad Men), and represented First Lady Tricia Walker in the second weather of Netflix’s House of Cards.

In Season Two of the engaging fight drama series, Kingdom, telecast on RTL CBS Extreme (channel 104 on SkyCable and Destiny, Thursdays, 9 p.m.), Joanna savors another thespic difficulty that packs a mighty punch, and kips down a thoughtfully limned representation of a former woman of the street and addict.

She plays Christina, the estranged spouse of retired Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter AlveyKulina (Frank Grillo), who now runs his own gym and trains fighters, including his kids, the cocky Jay (Jonathan Tucker) and the sexually conflicted Nate (Nick Jonas).

The series also stars Kiele Sanchez (as Alvey’s present squeeze, Lisa) and Matt Lauria (as Lisa s former flame).

In our recent phoner with Joanna, the 52-year-old actress confessed that, while Christina may have been a former hooker and drug addict, it wasn’t tough to connect to her.

She explained, Like Christina, I’m also a mama. She may not be well-equipped as a mother, but she wants to reach out to Jay and Nate. She longs to be with them.

Excerpts from our Q&A.

How do you relate to Christina s battles? What did you have to work on making sense of her devils?

I connect to her determination; she lived in spite of her demons. She’s rather a wayward mom, however she does love her children. In the 2nd weather, she faces her grownup kids, whose childhood she missed out on.

My daughter is 12, however I still realize her as this 2-year-old kid and I believe that s the method Christina takes a look at Jay and Nate. She’s like, they were my little babies! I relate to her maternal longing.

I likewise connect to how guys connect to Christina getting interest from males and parlaying that into her survival tactic.

Christina in Kingdom and the First Lady in House of Cards are extremely various characters.

How do you shuttle bus from one challenging character to another?

They’re about as 180 degrees as you can get. Every character is a role that you find a method to connect to. I weren’t take on a role unless I have a glimmer of understanding of that person. Then, I research and deal with it some more.

As a character, the First Lady was poised, polished and extremely put-together. I had great concerns about her external good manners and the method she looked remaining in the general public eye and standing next to the president in the greatest office of the land. Underneath, she has excellent vulnerability.

On the other hand, Christina just lets it all hang out. She is stuck in the time when she was around 18 or 19, when she was at a trajectory of being an art student and attempting to figure out what she wanted to do with her art.

In the way Christina gowns, it’s intriguing and inappropriate for her age. We always see her in two state of minds: She’s either dressed up in an attractive, assertive clothing, or she’s all concealed in a radial T-shirt with no makeup and she’s got nothing to prove, because she’s really accepting about her own body. She doesn’t care what others think.

At first, I didn’t know much about where my character was going when I signed on for Kingdom because, in the pilot episode of the very first weather, she appeared only quickly at the end.

All I understood about her then was that she was a heroin addict and a woman of the street. I didn’t understand how many times she’d appear throughout the series, and I’m uncertain if show developer Byron Balasco did, either.

When I read the third episode, which opened with me riding in a vehicle delivering a monologue about how I went to college, she unexpectedly became more real.

She had a lot more history. To go from there to [a scene where she] strolls into a space filled with young college guys with her little skimpy attire on that was like, OK, here we go.

As they say, mother knows best. Do you think Christina feels responsible for her kids perceived problems in this case, Jay s mindset issues, and Nate s struggle with his sexuality?

That’s something she’ll concerned comprehend throughout the next episodes that are airing now. She will face the repercussions of her actions and the effects they had on her sons. She still makes bad choices, even if her objectives are great.

If you were asked to provide suggestions to Alvey, Nate and Jay, exactly what would you tell them?

Nate, Nick’s conflicted character, is the easiest. Christina said these words to him: Be yourself. It’s OK to be who you are.

In his eyes, if his secret came out, he seems like he’d be destroyed because world and in his dad’s eyes. Christina has actually lived with all sorts of people. She just wants Nate to be delighted with himself.

For Jay, Christina just wants to remind him exactly what an excellent male he is. He’s been working so hard to repair his busted heart because of his moms and dads break up. Christina would want him to know that he is loved and has the capability to share it.

For Alvey, she’d inform him to stop drinking (laughs)!